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New!! - DOCS Press Release 8/31/07 re: Families of Prisoners

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A Message for Senior Citizens

We know it can be very difficult to have a child, grandchild or other relative in a New York State prison. We receive calls from seniors who say that they have had our telephone number for months but are only right then daring to finally call us...or that they need to talk but don't know what to say...and we get calls from people who start to cry and hang up the phone when we answer "Hello..Prison Families...may we help you?". We don't know if they ever call back.

If you have a loved one in prison, we can help you. When you call, everything you tell us is confidential. We do not need to know your name or where you live. We can help you locate a lost relative in prison, we can tell you about correspondence, phone calls and visiting, how to locate transportation and support for yourself in your community. We may know of other seniors in your area who also have loved ones in prison and who might benefit from talking with you--we get stronger by talking with each other, sharing our feelings (positive and negative) and learning.

If you are taking care of your grandchildren while their parent is in prison, we can help to find you the resources you may need to make life easier for you, your child and grandchildren.

So please call us....Prison Families of New York, Inc.

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